We are instrumental in offering our clients with a comprehensive range of PET strapping that is available in different colours, sizes and thicknesses. Our range is widely used in diverse industries for packaging of various products. Known for their impact resistance, high strength and corrosion & weather resistance, we are offering these strapping at most competitive prices.This PET Strapping is safer to apply and remove - no sharp edges. It’s strong, light weight, shock resistant and easy to dispose of because it can be recycled. Securely seal P.E.T. Strap with serrated seals and one of our manual P.E.T. tools or use Columbia friction weld tools without the need for seals.

Our Pet straps (Polyester Strapping) is tested and recommended for all well- Established packaging machines applying for the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Customers from around the world can rely on our strapping. PET Strapping is a new rage in the packaging sector and is steadily replacing Steel Strapping across all industry segments ranging from glass, lumber, paper, ceramics to brass rods, ingots etc.

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